Why My New ” I Got Candy ” Ladies Active Wear?  I mean Really, with some pretty Big Giants in this field as well smaller clothing lines. Yes I know, PINK, Victoria, Yes I am well aware of the Braded line… Bravo.  But really.  As a ” Man ” thinking. Something is definitely missing, but what? I mean ” ALL ” the pretty Candy seen daily. Women  are so Elegant, and  Ladies that go beyond Cookie Cutter Garments … Yes, that’s it ” SCREAMING ” in my Soul, Yes, Yes, Yes. I Got Candy. That was the Girlfriends ” Nick Name “. Please , Respectfully, as a  Gentle men with a soft grin coming over me.  Thinking Ladies Beauty at a glance has a power unexplainable, and even bye Scientific studies thrill to Ladies opposite attractions. How would my Ladies Active Wear Separate me from those giants. or perhaps our own Island of Beauty to  the already Infinite Beauty that Glows from a Ladies presence. I need a Active Wear to captivate the cures ever so closely. How the design began? I sat at my Weekend spot in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Lake shore eatery and noted the beauty of Our opposite genders. You ladies are Beautiful, You work hard to maintain that physique. I mean. ” Good Candy Needs A, Sweet Wrapper ” So putting hours or research. Sexy garments, for every fit, every setting. No Not that Cookie Cutter.  Boring! Common these ladies are Divine, Stunning, Alright here is something pretty deep, Ready? ” You My Dear Stop Silence as You Walk into a Room and Hand it Back as You Leave… ” Yes, I Know Pretty Deep. So I had it. Candy. I mean it catches your attention, as it stands out nearly every where you go… That’s it. I Got Candy. Yes you need to stand out. Be it you are Married, Single, You ladies are our labors of Love… The design for my ” I Got Candy  ”  Ladies Active Wear.  Show the Big Giants.. They have I  Got Candy ”  in there World…You Know It Fits You Well. ” I Got Candy ”  Brands. For those, tired of Cookie Cutter Garments, and may The Beauty of Our ” I Got Candy ” last forever…. 

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